Economic and Social Justice in tech


Founders Message

My name is Julio Del Cid, I have worked in IT since 2005 and have been sought out by business owners and IT leaders. Head hunted by large organisations, Amazon, Keysight Technologies, Linkedin, Symantec and many more. I have been fortunate to work with Silicon valley, NASDAQ listed companies and recipient of Innovation Grants i have been very fortunate to work with some amazing people.

However in 2020, when demand for technology professionals hit an all time high, it became apparent. Not all have the same opportunity. When a very competent young, female software engineer told me she had applied for over 300 technology positions, 7 phone screenings however no tech related job, I felt something needs to change. 

Technology is everywhere, from elections to our most intimate thoughts. Recently big tech has had to answer big ethical questions leaving us no doubt the ones who manage and develop technology strongly influence our lives.  

My mission is to develop an economic movement that celebrates diversity in the tech sector. 

My family sought refuge in Australia in the mid 1980’s from the El Salvadorian civil war. I am a registered public accountant and ITC Engineer (software, security and cloud engineering) and passionate ITC business leader. 

I am here to promote economic and social justice through the development of technology.  

Economic Justice in tech

When a person who has the right qualifications, the yearning to work and has applied themselves. It is fair to get an interview.

Discrimination based on a persons name, accent, ethnic make up is not only illegal but counterintuitive to a firms competitiveness.  The competition for tech skills is high, no company can afford to miss an opportunity with an amazing engineer based on superficial biases. 

social Justice in tech

Biases exist in the data computer system process. It is well known within compute circles that you can easily influence algorithms to have a desired output. 

This is known as Garbage In, Garbage Out (GIGO). 

Part of the movement is to promote open standards, systems and processes. 

Algorithms that work against some segments of society can have serious consequences.