Reason 1: Innovation makes economic sense

Innovation has proven to provide market advatages such as competitiveness and profitablity. The viability of innovative companies offer employment in growing industries such as the tech sector. 

Reason 2: Improved customer insight

Including a diverse tyeam offers a deeper insight into your customers with a better insight to what makes them purchase or turn-away from you.

Have you ever wondered why diasporas stick together or what makes them buy?

Reason 3: Signals to the market we are leaders 

When a diverse workforce is on display it signals to the world, we talk your language, we are one of you. 

Take Ikea for example, they are one of the largest companies in the world which embraces each staffs different languages and offers this as a free transdlation service to its customers. 

Reason 4: Non-diverse companies struggle and are costly 

Imagine a company which only hires a certain demographic. 

This demographic will not completely understand the rest of the population, and will lose market share. 

It also is costly when hiring the “One of us” staff as we know that a diverse population offers many more skillsets than just the one mono-cultural population. 

Reason 5: Compliance and the law

We all know that we need a certain percentage to be a diversified workforce, and can save you money from fines.

We hope that all the many reasons will foster the need for change for innovation and not to avoid penalty.