Diversity has always been a topic of discussions and implementations among the tech giants of the world. There are multiple events and conferences that are ongoing to address diversity in tech industry. Diverse group of people working together comes with many advantages to a company. Hence a company or an organisation must include diverse group of people in the company’s workforce. Major disadvantage of lack of diversity in tech industries is that the company or an organisation may not be able to expand its customer base.

Lack of Diversity in Tech


There are various surveys many organisations carry out to understand implementation of diversity and inclusion in various tech industries. According to these surveys and research, many organisations have diversity hiring initiatives and focus on team diversity and inclusion. Even though there are initiatives, many organisations still think that these initiatives are not working in their favor. And hence there is lack of diversity in tech industries. Diversity is a complex issue and requires a lot of energy and resources to address. According to Atlassian this leads to a phenomenon which refers to as diversity fatigue. When the progress is slow or non-existent, it becomes difficult to come with solutions. Also, there are issues that need to consider in diversity conversations, and they seem too complex. There can be more than one issues an individual can tackle which leads to inaction. 

According to studies, there are diversity programs which focus only on hiring individuals who fit under a diverse profile which a company creates. This creates a risk of tokenism where company hires candidate only for their personal background and ignore candidate’s professional background. The result of tokenism is lower performance as a candidate may feel that they are only there to meet a diversity quota requirement.


There are many issues that relates to diversity and inclusion which result in lack of diversity in tech industries. Diversity and inclusion programs in tech industries must be able to boost candidate’s self esteem and performance. Also, it must not be in the program just for the sake of gathering individuals.