Diversity and inclusion in tech industries has always been a topic of importance and talks all around the globe. There are many conferences that undergo every year all around the globe to research and study about diversity and inclusion in tech industries. Also, there are various themes in diversity tech conferences. They not only include themes about diversity but also about innovation, humanity, various programs and much more. Diversity is an ongoing issue as studies and research suggest that there is not enough work done regarding diversity and inclusion. The numbers remain almost the same every year. These tech conferences help in finding the issues and provide solutions to work on. Furthermore, they work in providing suggestions to tech industries on how to improve numbers in diversity and inclusion.

Diversity Tech Conferences


There are number of conferences conducted all around the world about Diversity and Inclusion. Out of those, this article briefly outlines few of them and what these conferences are about.

1vyG (the First-Gen Conference)

This conference is one of the most impactful conferences which talk about Diversity and Inclusion.  It focuses on first generation, low-income students globally. Also, this conference helps in connecting and empowering first generation, low-income students. It involves Harvard, Brown, Yale, University of Pennsylvania, and Princeton universities.

The Human Capital Institute’s Inclusive Diversity Conference

HCI is famous for delivering both live and virtual contents to human resource teams, talent management leaders and business executives all around the world. This conference helps in planning, building, and developing workforce globally. The focus of this conference is to help teams, leaders, and executives to make diversity and inclusion as a part of their everyday work culture.

HUE Tech Summit

It is also one of the most respected and impactful conferences which works for women of color and promotes diversity in tech industries. “No More Hidden Figures” is the mantra of this conference. This conference helps in identifying women who work hard and make major contributions in their field. This conference is designed to educate, empower and elevate women of color.

Furthermore, there are many more conferences and organisations that work, day and night for diversity and inclusion in all the industries around the globe. Some more examples are Tech Inclusion Career Fair, Diversity Abroad Conference, /Dev/Color IN MOTION, Grace Hopper Celebration and so on.


Diversity and Inclusion conferences are growing more and more around the world. These conferences help not only companies for diversity and inclusion, but also to empower individuals from all over the globe. Moreover, these are great platform for making a world a better place and creating an equal workspaces for everyone.