There has been a lot of conferences, events, and talks about diversity and inclusion in tech industries. Furthermore, these events provide insights on how to approach diversity and inclusion. They also provide solutions to the tech industries who have diversity and inclusion programs but are not able to achieve the numbers they desire. Most important aspect of diversity and inclusion in tech is recruiting. Diversity recruiting in tech must focus on recruiting candidates from diverse group of people and not focus only on filling up the diversity quota of an organisation or company. The human resource team must create criteria and decide on how and what they are looking in a candidate so that an organisation or a company can achieve its diversity and inclusion goals.

Diversity Recruiting in Tech


This article discusses briefly on general tips for recruiting candidates from diverse background for a company or an organisation. Furthermore, these tips will help identify potential candidates in tech market who will bring great value to an organisation and help an organisation to reach their diversity goals.

Auditing Job Ads:

It is the process of making changes to the past recruitment ads to reach broader range of candidates. The job ads can be written with specific demographics in mind to boost diversity recruitment. This way helps candidates to know that an organisation is reaching out to them and explain why an organisation will make a great fit.

Targeting source where diverse candidates are more active:

Targeting sources is a great way in reaching and recruiting potential and talented candidates from diverse group. Also, there are many online and offline groups with great source to connect with diverse group of candidates. These channels may be hidden from a recruiter, so a research can help find these channels and recruit diverse talents.

Referring connections 

In this technological world, members on a team will have various networks of people with similar backgrounds. It will be of great help in utilizing those networks through candidate referral programs. This helps in showing that the company values different backgrounds and ideas.


Diversity recruiting in tech is not as hard as it seems to be. The only aspect of recruiting that a recruiter of human resource team in an organisation needs to change is their strategy for recruitment. Once broader strategies formulate, a recruiter just needs to abide by those to improve diverse pool in an organisation.