Diversity and Inclusion has always been a topic of talk in every conference and events of a tech summit or industry. Discussion about diversity has always been contradictory. 80% of employees in the industry express positive reviews whereas 45% of employees say that the industry has not put enough effort. There are various diversity problems in tech which we will outline briefly in this article. Diversity is one of the crucial aspects of team building. Enjoying the differences and respecting the individuals brings heaps of benefits to the company. Cultivation of a diverse workforce is necessary to understand and serve the needs of global customers.

Diversity problems in tech


Tech industry will be the one benefiting most from a diverse group of individuals working together to help expand customer service and needs. Major advantage of having a diverse workforce is the ease of interaction with clients all over the world. There are various problems that are associated with diversity in the tech industry. Furthermore, the major problems are biases on identity, inclusion issues, education exposure, language issues and much more. Among these issues inclusion issues is the major source of other diversity problems in the tech industry.

Tech industry and employees must put forth an effort to welcome colleagues or individuals from various backgrounds. Surveys and studies suggest that most of the employees from various backgrounds feel discriminated against or unwelcomed in an industry. Also, based on their identity, ethnicity and other backgrounds, they are being victim of jokes around the tech industry. Along with these, even females are being discriminated against and are not treated equally. Furthermore, the employees in the study have been suggesting the inappropriate behavior of colleagues, misdemeanor, hate campaigns or online misogyny. Until and unless we set our mind in a straight path and treat every employee equally these problems will take their stand.


Diversity and inclusion in a tech industry come with their own issues and problems. The right mindset and treating everyone equally will help tackle this issue in the tech industry. Also, it does not take much to make someone feel welcome. Friendliness and cooperation is all that one needs.