Before starting with diversity in the tech world let us discuss diversity. So, what is diversity? Diversity refers to types of cultures, languages, religions, races, genders, places of origin and much more. Diversity in the tech world means employees and people coming and working together in the technological industry. Since the world is evolving in technology, everyone is aware about the need of technology and are learning for the better. Having diversity in the tech industry is not only advantageous, but also gives opportunities to individuals from various backgrounds.

Diversity in tech world


A tech world has been talking about diversity for a long time. Various panels at conferences, books, podcasts, and much more dedicate their time towards diversity. But still according to various studies, the numbers are quite discouraging. Even though various companies around the world are talking about inclusion of employees from diverse backgrounds, studies show there is still so much to do. Research data from 2018 suggests that there were 35% Asian, 8% Latin employees (a jump of 12% Asian and 1% Latin since 2014). Although there was a jump on Asian and Latin employees, the ratio of black, native, and mixed employees was significantly less or remained static. There were similar cases on various other tech companies such as Facebook, Google, and Microsoft. There are multiple steps taken by the fortune 500 companies worldwide to increase diversity in tech.

Some of the initiatives are Internship programs, Girls Who Code and partnership in programs with colleges that serve minority students. There are multiple surveys on numbers being low. The results were astonishing as employees from minority or diverse groups (Latin/ Black) were the ones to leave their jobs. The reasons for leaving the job were management biases during promotions or stereotyping. Some surveys also suggest that the employees (especially females) were asked inappropriate or gender biased questions. This is truly troublesome.


The tech industry of the world is trying hard to include individuals from diverse backgrounds in their workforce. Major issue of the numbers not going up is employees leaving their job due to bias or inappropriate behavior. One of the major reasons for less diverse people in the tech world is the unfair treatment and inappropriate behavior.