Diversity and inclusions are ongoing talks among the tech companies and conferences. The reason that these two are the talks is that they are highly advantageous. Workplaces with a diverse group of individuals are well-versed in innovative problem solving. It is because having diverse and talented brains can bring about different perspectives and ideas on problem solving. Coming to diversity in tech startups, there exist huge gaps. Research and studies suggest that less than 1% of European tech founders identify themselves as Black/ African/ Caribbean or Asian. Only 43% of companies have at least one female C-suite executive.

Diversity in Tech Startups

According to Boston Consulting Group, firms with diverse group of workers report innovation revenues which was almost 20% higher. As the World Economic Forum says firms with diversity retain their staff, spot risks and be more profitable. Having said diversity comes with so many advantages, there is still gap in the same.


There are number of reasons for gap in diversity in tech startups. This article briefly outlines some of them.

Very few startups trying to boost diversity:

According to Silicon Valley Bank, there are only 26% of the startups which are trying to increase diversity in their team and in leadership. This is a sad number as the world is not as much biased as it was before.

Few to no diverse representation in C-suite:

Less than half of the tech companies in the world have at least one-member in the leadership team from ethnical or racial diverse group. The percentage remains the same with Board Member diversity as well.

Less number of diverse founders:

According to studies 77% of founders in the US are white of Caucasian. Europe’s is even higher at 84%. If there is no diversity among the founders in a tech startup, one cannot expect there will be diversity in workforce.


Even though tech startups are the best place to see diversity in work force. There exist some gaps which hampers the diversity and inclusion goals of a company. Major hindrance is the leadership team where one cannot expect diversity in workforce if there is no diversity in leadership team.