Diversity has been an integral part of the technology industry since a long time. Australia considers itself as a diverse country. Since there are individuals with different backgrounds, culture, religion, races, and demographics, it is good to assume Australia welcomes diversity. Also, it is obvious that there is diversity in tech in Australia as it welcomes various individuals. Not only tech, but most of the industries in Australia have diverse groups of employees. There has been a big push to increase diversity in Australian Tech companies. Surveys show that women, minorities, and people from various ethnic and demographic backgrounds are shaping Australian start-ups in the tech industry.

Diversity in tech Australia


Even though Australia is a diverse country, there are still hurdles to overcome by tech industries. According to surveys and studies, the biggest hurdles are employer issues, unconscious bias rather than inadequate interest in STEM education. Various tech giants see the disinterest in STEM education as a major hurdle in diversity in the tech industry. According to Halcyon Knights CEO, “Australian workers are choosing jobs where they believe they will feel included and won’t be faced with discrimination based on their identity”. The Australian tech industries are on the verge of facing shortage of workers with skills. Hence, there is a big push in not only the tech industry but all to reevaluate and include policies which attract diverse workers.

In a survey of 1000 tech employees . 71% have faced discrimination at some point in their career, but 55% have not in their current workplace. These results show that the industry is improving and addressing the discrimination issue. 44% have been passed over for promotion and 36% were given work under their pay grade because of their identity. There are various other hurdles such as gender bias to improve much on diversity in tech industries in Australia.


Surveys and studies show that Australia is progressing in relation to inclusion of diversity in the tech industry. But still there is much more to do.