Many of the organisations, CEOs and Leaders of the tech industries are beginning to rethink the strategies and approaches for diversity and inclusion in tech. The reason being the numbers are not growing as per an organisation or tech industries target. Diversity and inclusion in tech not only revolve around hiring candidates but starts with the job advertisements. The Human Resource team must realise and dedicate their job advertisement strategies to reach diverse groups of individuals. Thus, targeting these individuals through various ways. This includes mutual connections, posting advertisements on online or offline pages where diversity exists and these groups hang out with each other. 

Diversity and Inclusion in tech

Diversity and Inclusion are not the same. We can relate diversity as invitation and inclusion as celebrating together. 


Overlooking diversity and inclusion in the tech industry affects all the aspects of business at great cost. Furthermore, these effects are visible in everyday business practices, company performance, business objectives, and employee engagement. 

Day to day business practices:

Decision making is one of the business practices which is carried out every day. Poor quality in decision making is the result of homogenous thinking and work. Also, if a diverse group of individuals are involved in decision making, it creates an opportunity for new and innovative ideas in decision making.

Performance of the Company:

Performance of the company depends on the quality and quantity of the products or service a company provides. According to the London Annual Business Survey, leadership teams which were culturally diverse were able to develop new products than homogenous teams.

Business Objectives:

If an organisation does not have a diverse group of individuals working together then the innovation rate will be slower. Also, this eventually affects the edge a company has in competition. A research in Spain was able to discover that companies with more women were introducing new innovations in the market over a period of two years.

Employee Engagement:

Employee engagement in the workplace abruptly gets less when there is lack of inclusive policies. This can directly or indirectly affect mental wellbeing or individuals working in a company and can cause business a huge loss.


Diversity and inclusion in the tech industry play a vital role in helping businesses and companies grow. Also, diverse group of individuals help generate new ideas and innovations to help companies get a better edge in a competitive environment.