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Economic and Social Justice in Tech

Innovative Tech

through Diversity

Diverse teams are smarter

Many studies have shown that diverse teams are smarter than the monocultural teams. A diverse team offer invaluable insights which will likely lead to market leading outcomes.

“Diversity Makes us Smarter”. Phillips, K. Scientific American. 

Diversity is not just skin-deep

Diversity is not just about hiring people from different racial backgrounds, genders and disabilities to be compliant.  

Diversity is also not just about being “accepted”, it is about different perspectives, insights and experiences and more. It is about the right inputs to position your offering as a market leader. 

To begin a diverse team could include the following: 


  • Socio economic backgrounds, bloodline, family backgrounds, 
  • Race, religions, cultural affiliations
  • Gender, sexual orientation
  • Regional (parts of a country), post-codes/suburbia, political affiliations
  • Age, education levels
  • and much, much more

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We are looking for individuals from all walks of life.

Join as a business owner, a manager, a techie or just an interested individual. 

Our family works in technology and collectively benefit society through careful design and development of technology in society. We need more members to embrace our differences and service these segments. 

Ready to embrace diversified tech developers?

Diverse Tech


Our workshops test some several keypoints to analyse if your team has the diversity it needs to foster innovation and be a market leader.

We have a 50 point diverse tech checklist which fosters economic and technical innovation. The checklist  Results will help you access or generate new markets and serve your current customers better than before.  



Having a diverse team should generate a profit. We do not skirt around the topic when diversity costs money, it should also have positive returns. 

Tapping into new markets with your current work force, saving expenses by utilising your teams current native language to serve your customers better is just the start. 



Having all “white anglo guys” develop tech will likely be catered for white anglo guys.

What about women, white guys from non-English speaking countries, business people who need scalable solutions, people who have variable budgets, religious and legal requirements. 

Having your staff cognizant is critical to knowing what to look for. 


Technology Checklist

Let’s face it, some people “get technology” where others struggle. 

Addressing market segments where your users love your technology makes business sense.

An example such as mature users, which if they larger font sizes may sound comical but it can mean being a market leader. 

Diversity Makes us Smarter.

“Being around people who are different from us makes us more creative, more diligent and harder-working”

Katherine Phillips, Scientific American.

The Benefits of Diversity in Innovation

“Drawing in different stakeholders provides different points of view and experiences that help enable innovation”

Fiona Murray, MIT Sloan School of Management

Economic and Social Justic in Tech

Innovative Tech

Through Diversity 


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